Yield + Liquidity Protocol for Zoomers and Boomers alike.

Powered by the Community to Trample Rug-Pullers.

Charity Element Focused on Wildlife.

Zoomer the Zebra: Long Term Focus and Cares About the Herd

Zoomer ($ZMR)

Automatic Yield + Liquidity Protocol

Powered by the Community

Deflationary Token

Designed for Long-Term and Sustainability

Protected Against Rug Pulls

Open Source Code

Charity Focused on Wildlife Preservation

Accepts all People – Zoomers and Boomers Alike

What is Zoomer?

Community-driven project designed to reward long-term holders with every transaction in the Zoomer ecosystem. No farming, staking, or extra clicking required: simply hold Zoomer in your digital wallet and see the benefits as usage grows.

Zoomer is a deflationary Binance Smart Chain token designed to provide passive rewards to its holders. As an automatic yield and liquidity generation protocol, Zoomer works by giving back a piece of every transaction as a reward to existing token holders. Zoomer also locks a portion of every transaction into a permanent liquidity pool, serving the dual purposes of increasing the scarcity of outstanding tokens while also helping to support available liquidity for future transactions.

Zoomer is 100% community driven — the project’s goal is to build a vibrant community of long-term participants who believe in the sustainable growth of crypto. The smart contract source code is public and can be reviewed by anyone on GitHub to ensure the safety of the community. As the Zoomer ecosystem grows, the entire community benefits from growing transaction fee rewards and greater liquidity.

What are Zoomer's Tokenomics?

How do I Become a Zoomer?

Buy Zoomer

Use PancakeSwap to buy Zoomer ($ZMR) using BNB.

Set slippage to 12% in Advanced Settings

Max transaction size of 5,000,000,000,000 ZMR.

Hold Zoomer

5% of each Zoomer transaction is distributed as a reward to all holders.

No farming, staking, or extra clicking required.

Just sit back and watch your Zoomer balance grow.
The more the Zoomer ecosystem grows, the more rewards are distributed to holders.

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